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Automated Theorem Proving

All the meetings will take place online (check the Meet link on the schedule). You also have to subscribe on Google Classroom (see the code on the schedule).


The online seminar meetings are scheduled on Monday, 18:00 - 19:30 with AIDC on odd weeks, and with IACD on even weeks. On Google Classroom you will upload your homework given at the seminars.
  1. Seminar 1
  2. Seminar 2
  3. Seminar 3
  4. Seminar 4
  5. Seminar 5
  6. Seminar 6
  7. Seminar 7


  1. Tudor Jebelean. Automatic Theorem Proving. Lecture Notes (online)
  2. Bruno Buchberger. Logic for Computer Science. Lecture Notes (online)
  3. Chin-Liang Chang, Richard Char-Tung Leel. Symbolic Logic and Mechanica Theorem Proving. Academic Preess, 1973.
  4. Jean Gallier. Logic for Computer Science. Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving.