News and recent activities

01.02.2021 Main guest editor for the special issue "Machine Learning in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Modern Methods and Applications", organized in the Q1 journal Mathematics. See the Call for Papers open until 31.10.2021.

21.11.2020 The paper "Stable and explainable deep learning damage prediction for prismatic cantilever steel beam", authors Darian Onchis and Gilbert-Rainer Gillich has been accepted for publication in the Elsevier journal Computers in Industry, (Impact Factor: 3.954, Q1 red zone).

06.10.2020 Darian Onchis was invited to be member of the European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS). See here the full list of members.

30.07.2020 Large resources of personally curated and updated information on all facets of Explainable AI. Part 2, see Part 1 below.

28.07.2020 The SIMT group offered 3 summer interships in machine learning under the supervision of Dr. Darian Onchis. Congratulation to Diogen Babuc for developing the XAIBOT, to Matei Bertea for developing the COVID19 colorimetry detection app and to Adelin Ciorogariu for contributing to the XAIES platform !

18.05.2020 Large resources of personally curated and updated information on all facets of Explainable AI. Part 1.

18.03.2020 SIMT group launches XAIES the first platform for Explainable Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems competitions, developed from scratch with our enthusiastic students. You need to login to create new XAI competition or to submit your explainable results to our proposed use-cases.

14.01.2020 The paper "Timely-Automatic Procedure for Estimating the Endocardial Limits of the Left Ventricle Assessed Echocardiographically in Clinical Practice", authors D. Onchis, C. Istin, C. Tudoran, M. Tudoran and P. Real, has been published in the journal Diagnostics, Medical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence Section.

09.09.2019 Responsible and main lecturer for the Machine Learning module at the West University of Timisoara International Summer School held in Timisoara, between September 5th and September 12th.

04.09.2019 The paper "Refined Deep Learning for Digital Objects Recognition via Betti Invariants", authors D. Onchis, C. Istin and P. Real, has been presented at the 18th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP2019) held in Salerno, Italy.

06.06.2019 The 27th Summer School in Image Processing will be held in Timisoara, between July 8th and July 17th

30.04.2019 Special Issue on Topological Image Analysis and Recognition (TIAR) in the Elsevier Journal Pattern Recognition Letters.

22.02.2019 The paper "Enhanced Parallel Generation of Tree Structures for the Recognition of 3D Images", authors P. Real, H. Molina-Abril, F.Di­az-del-Rio, S. Blanco-Trejo, and D. Onchis, has been accepted at the 11th Mexican Congress on Pattern Recognition (MCPR2019)

25.01.2019 The paper "Generating Second Order (Co) homological Information within AT-Model Context, authors P. Real, H. Molina-Abril, F. Diaz del Rio and D. Onchis, has been presented at International Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Context, held in Malaga, Spain.

10.12.2018 The paper "A deep learning approach to condition monitoring of cantilever beams via time-frequency extended signatures", single author Darian Onchis, has been accepted in the Elsevier journal Computers in Industry (Impact Factor 2.850).

11.08.2018 The paper "Lax-like stability for the discretization of pseudodifferential operators through Gabor multipliers and spline-type spaces", authors Onchis and Zappala, was accepted as a position paper at the SYNASC 2018 conference (https://synasc.ro/).

04.07.2018 Two master students (Andrada Telcian and Eugen Fologea), succesfully defended their master thesis


22.05.2018 Congratulations to Simone Zappala for successfully defending his PhD thesis at the University of Vienna under the supervision of Dr. Darian Onchis. Best wishes for the future to Dr. Simone Zappala !